Why Choose us?

Before our technicians are released to your businesses or homes, they must have at least a MCSE/MCSA Certification. Our technicians must then pass multiple phase levels before they can be considered a MicroTek Technician. MicroTek Networks specializes in any computer malfunction, from your basic to major Mac or PC failures, to a full blown Active Directory. Whether, your problem is a wireless network issue or a wired network connected to a punch down or home router, MicroTek Networks will resolve your problem! We are very professional, and do the job in a timely manner. MicroTek Networks is an On site Computer + Networks luxury repair service. We only fix your computers in your office or home. Why disconnect your computer and drop it off at a local computer repair shop? Then wait two to three days before you get your computer back. With MicroTek Networks we repair your computer, on average in 1.5 to 2 hours. When we leave the problem has been 100% resolved. The best part about it... You never had to leave the comfort of your home. Whether, you need help with your notebook, desktop, servers, network equipment, VOIP, Firewall, Exchange or more we'll precisely meet your needs in a fast, friendly, and courteous way.