Having trouble installing DSL or Cable Internet? Or do you want to have Wireless Internet in your home/office? We can help. Do you want to share your printer with other computers on the network or do you want to share files between computers in your network? Then we are your answer. No matter what problems you may experience involving your network, you can trust us to meet your needs.


Did you accidentally delete some files or is your hard drive dying and you need to recover some data or do you just simply want to back up some important data files just in case of a hard drive failure? We can service your computer for you. We have the tools to recover most hard drive data.


It can be a pain sometimes to set up a new printer with your computer. It can be an even bigger pain to install a new hard drive into your computer, but don't worry because you have us to help you out. We have the necessary knowledge and skills to surpass your standards.


(Diagnostic & Repair, Virus/Spyware/Pop-up Removal, Computer Optimization) Have you ever came home from a long day of work and turned on your computer to check your email, but were later disappointed because your computer is not booting up properly? That is only one of many situations that you may experience. You may also experience annoying pop-ups or viruses. At other times, you just may want to improve the performance of your computer. If you use us, we'll not only diagnose your problems, but we'll also fix them too.


When you purchase a new computer you may experience many joys with it, but at first you WILL experience some growing pains. Your new computer won't feel like how you want it to, but with a little help we can make your computer feel like home. We can assist you in transferring data to your new computer. We can also help set up your old printer to work with your new computer. Maybe these two problems are not what you want resolved. Just know that whatever problem you may have, we can still assist you.


Do you have a business that is expanding and feel that it is time for you to have a web page? Then look no further because we can have a professionally designed website created just for you. The best part is, we have discounted rates just for you.


Do you want to do a complete network overhaul? We will come in look at your current infrastructure and help lead you in the right direction working with your budget and getting the infrastructure in place that is suitable for your company or home office.


In today's world more and more companies are virtualizing their servers or moving them to the cloud. Simple reason its cost effective and less to manage.  Let us help you with these needs. We pride our self on a commitment to our customers and giving them what they to help them save money and concentrate more on running and growing their business and we handle the IT work for them.